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Feline Treatment – Holisitic and Traditional Cat Care



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Feline Treatment at Home – Natural / Holistic and Conventional Cat Treatment Options


Feline treatment with more natural, holistic methods at home is growing in appeal, much like the heightened interest in providing for our own health issues in a more whole-body, non-drug manner.

Through the past decades, most cats have managed to sustain good health with fairly minimal maintenance, even as they advanced through their senior years. But alarms have been raised  in the past several years of noticeable  increases in instances of more serious and more unusual illnesses  for well-nurtured domestic cats.

With such troublesome news,  and perhaps augmented with personal experience,  many cat guardians are  alert and educating themselves now to adopt some of the more natural, holistic means to provide sound and safe health regimens and holistic feline treatments for their cat residents.

Homes Clipart 9 While serious cat illnesses and diseases are best treated with veterinary supervision, many feline ailments and conditions can and are being treated successfully and safely with home remedies and natural cat care treatments at home.  Both comfort to the cats and savings on ever-escalating vet bills are benefits, along with avoiding some of the more toxic ramifications that seem more and more prevalent.

Natural feline treatment includes holistic methods such as proper nutrition, good cat vitamins and  cat supplements, natural food recipes, color and crystal therapies, use of certain oils and herbs, homeopathic tinctures, different types of body manipulation techniques and an overall view of environment and living conditions. All of these non-drug cat treatment options have been reported to be effective in varying degrees in restoring cats to health from certain illnesses. Natural feline treatment remedies are so valued, since they work not only for the specific cat health problem, but  they can also foster improvement for other overall health aspects. Most holistic forms of feline treatment seek to heal the entire entity, along with the underlying causes, not just specific conditions.

Please note again, that treatment of serious cat illnesses is not recommended without veterinary supervision. And while it may be difficult to find veterinarians that practice or incorporate any natural or  holistic treatments in their practice, it is highly recommended to consult with your trusted Serious feline illnesses call for treatment at your vet. Don't guess - your sweet cat depends on your action for its very’s doctor about any harm that might be done through use of any of the holistic treatments or substances you may wish to utilize at home based on your research.  Sometimes, certain  conventional drugs or therapies may conflict seriously with seemingly benign and simple home-type remedies.  Many seemingly ‘safe’  treatments  from our home medicine cabinets,  that we may use for our own afflications, may be highly toxic and even lethal for our feline friends and other pets. Even some of our own food can be toxic and even lethal for our cats, dogs and other domestic pets.

 There are many benefits derived from using “Mother Nature’s’ provisions to aid and heal our own health as well as our special furry companions, but all should be done with caution, due care and informed diligence.  Fortunately, there is more and more information and research being provided, but we must take care to assure we have reliable sources and understanding with proper follow up with professional medical guidance as needed.

Natural feline treatment practices compliment traditional medical practices for your cat.

Natural remedies are often prized as adjuncts to modern, traditional medical treatments.  At other times, holistic remedies are preferred over conventional.  Some non-drug complementary treatments such as massage, acupressure, Bach Flower Remedies,  Reiki,  faith-healing, prayer, crystal and color therapy are usually safe when conscientiously administered.

  Unless you know what you are using and have researched thoroughly the proper application of any natural  cat health remedies and any possible consequences, do not proceed to treat your cat!  Improper use of any substance, commercial or natural, can kill your feline friend! Again, consultation with your trusted pet’s health practitioner is advised.  “Natural” is not always necessarily safe.

 This resource strives to share sound information based upon diligent research, personal experience over the years here in our private sanctuary as well as from other trusted sources.  The source of information may not always be remembered or available, as is often the case with knowledge or experience gained over time.  But there will never, knowingly, be any ‘gossip’ or ‘fad’ or outright misinformation provided, but rather a sharing of what we have learned or used with success in our own circumstances.  We aim to cover the old, the new and potential, both traditional and holistic.

You must still perform your own due diligence and determine what is right for your own circumstances and for your precious home companions.  We need to be mindful of the treatments and medications we receive via our own traditional treatments.  Respecting the potency yet potential harmful effects of some ‘natural’ remedies is of no less import.

 Please be wary and do not take as’ gospel’ what you may find on many forums and sites.  There are  many wrong and outright harmful ‘recommendations’ made and ‘home remedies’ touted in countless public forums.

  Simply, never assume that anything that you can safely use to treat yourself is equally safe to use for your cats or other domestic animals. There are differences in metabolic processes and abilities of systems to process a variety of substances  that may seem safe …including many types of food stuffs for that matter.  Arming ourselves with good resources of information will go far in helping us make wise decisions that can help us treat many afflictions our pets may encounter and help us to provide comfort, relief and healing at home…where we all prefer to recover.



                              for ANIMALS IN DISTRESS!

                    DO NOT DELAY!   HOURGLass    Seek IMMEDIATE LOCAL HELP         From Your Medical Practitioners!

  • ANY SIGNS of DISTRESS, PAIN or ILLNESS should receive IMMEDIATE ATTENTION by your trusted Vet or Emergency Facility.

 Seek immediate feline treatment for signs of illness, distress or pain.



There may well be some holistic remedies that can be used to treat your cat’s problem(s), but get the necessary professional treatment first and the diagnosis. Then move on to find feline treatment options that may complement traditional cat care and means of recovery for this diagnosis.

Any unusual behavior that appears suddenly or that you realize has been repeated …Any symptoms of  pain, distress or anything out of character for your special cat  or other animals should be attended by your trusted Veterinarian or an Emergency Facility if your vet isn’t available.


Learning Modes of Feline Treatment Together  – Sharing the Wisdom

Your own experiences of what has worked, what has not, what you have found important to avoid or wise to pursue …your special input is valued and invited here. Please share your tested strategies, your personal efforts, your triumphs and your defeats

As like-minded community, we can do much to share and help one another, provide support, wise counsel and sound information, while slaying misinformation that is so prevalent out there, hard-dying myths, outdated ideas, practices, routines and attitudes, and hopefully, together, we can help others make sound, good decisions for their cats and other domestic companions.


Prevention is the Best Feline Treatment

Prevention is always superior to a cure, for our cats, dogs and pets as well as for ourselves.  Some sound and simple preventive feline treatment routines include:

  • practice simple, good hygiene
  • feed a proper, by-product and additive free diet of high quality protein balanced with other nutrients essential specifically to felines
  • don’t overfeed
  • observe and know your cat and its normal state of being and habits
  • provide proper medical attention when warranted…don’t take chances!

‘If you don’t know –Go!’ (to the vet)

Feline Treatment includes healthy dollops of love and TLC!

TLC and affection – special types of feline treatment – add to the perfect ‘recipe’ for good health and a happy life for you and your furry cuddle.

    Add to this recipe, lots of love and TLC for your feline friend, and you couldn’t ask for or order any better feline treatment or  care to take you and your beloved cat into your senior years together. Two shared lifetimes, filled with love, amusement and that special bond that all loving hearts well understand.  


Proper  Care and Feline Treatment Applications  for your cat can provide  you both continued love, joy and amusement for years to come!



For additional and more in depth information on feline treatment, worms treatment, feline renal issues and other cat health and behavior problems, you may also wish to visit our website: and Purr-use our additional help!



                                KEEP YOUR CATS SAFE!  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ‘ Cat Cuisine from your Kitchen

Homemade Health for your Cat’

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Fleas Treatment Warnings – Spot On Flea Treatment Update



Spot on Flea Treatment for Cats  – FDA Update on Flea Treatments


The FDA has just updated their review of spot on flea and tick control applications for cats and dogs.  And their warnings for usage of these chemical insecticides continue.  


There is  continued concern about the proper usage  and dosage by customers … and my thoughts continue with concern for regular use of these products at any rate.



Cat Flea Season – Are Spot On Flea Treatments the Only Way to Kill Fleas Effectively?


Kill Cat Fleas with natural safer home flea treatments you already have at home!

Since flea season is upon us once again, (and in some parts of the US and around the world — it is year round) and in full swing in many parts of the country, it’s time to take stock of our flea control arsenal and our cat fleas treatment battle plans.


Around here, thankfully, fleas haven’t been as bad as expected.  Possibly the long, wet, cool to cold spring has much to do with it.  But recently, I’ve seen some new scratching going on, so additional fleas treatment home remedies are at the ready and being put into practice at the first sign of trouble


It takes only ONE flea to create an epidemic if left unchecked.  And it can get horrific when they multiply…and fleas can and DO multiply rapidly when conditions are ideal for the adults to emerge.  They hide out in every crevice, crook, cranny, carpet, fabric or yardscape they can find, waiting for the right conditions to grab their first meal via your cats…or us!  


If you’ve got fleas – is it necessary to jump to chemical pesticides to kill them on your cats or pets?

As we recall with great stress, in 2009, a mass of ‘bad reaction’ reports were flooding in from use of  these chemical flea treatments, prompting a more in depth review by the government of the hundreds of commercial products out there being used on our innocent cats and dogs. News was dire for some pet owners after using these topically applied flea control products.


The FDA and EPA continue to WARN people to use these chemicals with much caution and to be SURE they are being used according to directions.   Here are some excerpts from the FDA Report: (From “Safe Use of Flea and Tick Products in Pets”)  Updated: June 23, 2014

In spring 2009, EPA noticed an increase in pet incidents being reported involving spot-on pesticide products for pets. EPA received a large amount of bad pet reaction information reported to the companies that hold registrations for these products. EPA formed a veterinarian team with the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to review this information. The team studied incidents involving cats and dogs, looked at the ingredients, studied labeling, and discussed data needs for the future to improve analyses and regulation.   Based on its analysis, EPA determined that some changes need to be made in how spot-on products are regulated, how companies report data on pet incidents, and how packages are labeled for cats, dogs, and size of animals to ensure the safety of these products. Based on reported incidents, EPA also concluded that many but not all pet incidents took place because the products were misused.     And this..

Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products

  • Read the label carefully before use. If you don’t understand the wording, ask your veterinarian or call the manufacturer. “Even if you’ve used the product many times before,” says Stohlman, “read the label because the directions or warnings may have changed.”
  • Follow the directions exactly. If the product is for dogs, don’t use it on cats or other pets. If the label says use weekly, don’t use it daily. If the product is for the house or yard, don’t put it directly on your pet.
  • Keep multiple pets separated after applying a product until it dries to prevent one animal from grooming another and ingesting a drug or pesticide. (Keep kids and other family members from touching the animal after application as well.  And even after it is dry, WASH HANDS thoroughly after touching your pet)
  • Talk to your veterinarian before using a product on weak, old, medicated, sick, pregnant, or nursing pets, or on pets that have previously shown signs of sensitivity to flea or tick products.
  • Monitor your pet for side effects after applying the product, particularly when using the product on your pet for the first time.
  • If your pet experiences a bad reaction from a spot-on product, immediately bathe the pet with mild soap, rinse with large amounts of water, and call your veterinarian.
  • Call your veterinarian if your pet shows symptoms of illness after using a product. Symptoms of poisoning include poor appetite, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive salivation.
  • Do not apply a product to kittens or puppies unless the label specifically allows this treatment. Use flea combs to pick up fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on puppies and kittens that are too young for flea and tick products.
  • Wash your hands immediately with soap and water after applying a product, or use protective gloves while applying.
  • Store products away from food and out of children’s reach.

Source: FDA and CDC    Read the entire  Article at this


Are Spot On Fleas Treatments Safe to Use? 

Can We Trust the Agencies that Oversee These Flea Treatments?

The FDA continues to state that they do not dissuade people from using these  flea treatment products.  That they have been effective for many. The question remains.  What about the MANY who experienced problems and even some deaths? Regular, ongoing monthly use is something I do NOT consider , based on the myriad consumer reports as well as experience of use. These flea control pesticides have been avoided here all together except in a couple overwhelming instances.


Only a  a severe outbreak of flea infestation that needed every arsenal at the command post  prompted  a one time application  of these insecticides on our cats. It bought some time and relief for the cats so that our safer home flea treatment applications and procedures could be more vigorously implemented.   Sometimes weather conditions just combine to make things super perfect for fleas to take over, no matter how hard you try.


  When some animals are in and out, it can make things far more difficult. When there are multiple cats, such as in a sanctuary or multi-cat home, things can get out of hand rapidly — overnight.    In one case, one cat vomited after the flea application and was immediately bathed, thoroughly rinsed and the emergency called for further advice.  It underscored my ongoing wariness for such insecticide applications.  It helped get past the emergency but not without considerable concern and vigilant observation of all cats treated.


Spot On Flea Treatments Reported to Lose Effectiveness


These Spot On medications that became so popular and received heavy use year to year  are also reported by many to suddenly fail to work in a new season, after serving to effectively to kill off fleas in the previous seasons. Fleas are known to mutate to overcome the killing effects of these flea treatments, so formulas must be changed – and likely increased in strength for the following year. Perhaps different ingredients are added or substituted in new formulas.

So how much time can be given to test safety for any new alterations given any of these flea control products?  


And reports of bad reactions continue from consumers, who see their pets falter after application of spot on applied flea products. And the cost of these flea control applications is substantial for most.  In multi-cat homes, it can be prohibitive. The need to wear gloves and due precautions and hand-washing that are all necessary  — are these applications any safer for our cats and pets than they would be for us?  Our Agencies do not dissuade usage – but  counter with many warnings for proper dosage and application that need to be followed with focus.   These chemicals and poison insecticides are not to be dallied with. They must be administered according to directions.  

Granted, people trust and get ‘comfortable’ with products on the market and take chances that should not be taken with their pets’ lives.


If a little does good…then won’t more do better? My cat is smaller, so if I just use less of my dog’s medications, it should be fine, right?…     Flea control treatments for cats and dogs should be used ONLY by the proper species.


As had been mentioned on this site in various places, we should Never Ever give cats medications meant for dogs and vice versa. -   NOR should we take for granted that human medications should or could be used for animals. It just doesn’t work that way! Metabolisms and make up of all three species differ. And while sometimes things can be interchanged, we should not be making those decisions without consultation with the medical practitioner appropriate for the species.  


Our cats and dogs depend on us and our judgment for their very well being.  Failing to use fleas treatment applications correctly can spell dire results for our beloved furry family members and even endanger us and our families as well.

Spot on flea treatments can be dangerous for cats and pets.  Due caution and proper dosages and application must be tended to.


  • With such need to take precautions with these spot on treatments and the necessary review by the government agencies, just how confident do we feel in using pesticides that are applied to our beloved pets?
  • And will we see later effects of which we are not yet aware (or reported)?
  • And with the ongoing changes of formulas that seem to be needed because fleas adapt so readily, just how certain can we be with any individual cat or pet, since all may have different reactions?

Are there any safer, trusted alternatives to these pesticides being applied to our cats and pets?



Some may not be as convenient as a spot on application.  But then, is easy the correct approach — or is Safety


Flea control home remedies  are effective and when applied and used properly, provide far safer results for our cats and other family members, not to mention the positive returns for our Mother Earth and future generations.


Fleas Treatment Home Remedies Offer Safe Effective Flea Control – When Used Properly


So why take the chance of using pesticides on your cat or pets?

There are more natural, far safer means of flea control to battle the flea beast. Some of it may take more work than simply applying convenient,  spot on ‘remedies’ of mixed insecticides and such.  In dire cases of severe flea infestation, such might be necessary for one application – along with focused natural home remedy flea control in the house and yard to prevent a resurgence of flea infestation.

I prefer to use Capstar ( Nitenpyram – the generic) for immediate relief for the cats, to kill off  biting fleas fast for relief (majority of adult fleas killed within 30 minutes, in 24 hrs. the dose is out of system – product well researched and in use for long time with no major problems) while sequestering the animal(s) and implementing heightened clean up regimens of the environs with safer home remedies.


Maintaining regular flea combat regimens with the use of household tools – like the vacuum and wash machine — along with some helpful more benign household products is necessary even if and when Spot On pesticides are used.   If the stages of the developing flea are not attacked in the home, yard and on your cat and eliminated, they WILL re-infest your cats and pets once they emerge as adults in the fourth stage of their life cycle.  


Spot ons only kill fleas that affect the animal…they do NOT eliminate fleas in the environment…which is where the VAST majority of  fleas reside in one stage or another.  


If you see one adult flea…then hundreds of fleas in various stages of development are already lurking in the environs!  So if the home and yard aren’t effectively cleaned and treated, the fleas WILL be back on your animals.  And possibly YOU too!



Natural flea treatments are safe home flea control remedies.Help is Here!


Safe Fleas Treatment Home Remedies

There are in-depth articles provided for you on this site.  You can access them for details on how to safely kill cat fleas and  treat your cats, dogs and other pets along with the house and yard.

Please take advantage of them…and pass the word!  


You may save much misery for a family or friend’s cat … or worse.  And flea treatment home remedies are far cheaper than commercial insecticides used for flea control.  And Mother Earth and her future generations will Thank You for your consideration of their welfare as well.  


If you haven’t already, get your flea treatment battle plan in order and be prepared with your armor before flea season begins — every year!


Kill  fleas off before they have a chance to lay more eggs and invade the carpets, pet areas and every other inch of your home and yard with their fast-burgeoning flea-bitten physicality!  You can use simple tools and home remedies you already have at home! 

When used and applied properly, diligently and regularly, they ARE effective and SAFE!




Find Out What Fleas Treatment for Cats (and other pets) Works – and What Doesn’t.   Fleas Treatment can be safe. Natural flea remedies that work!

Stay vigilant and consistent, and your careful home-based fleas treatments will be far safer for you and your family and your cats’ health!


Here are the links to the updated full reports by the FDA and the EPA:

Consumer Updates –

FDA EPA Evaluation

No compensation is received for writing any posts on this site. Affiliate links provided, if clicked and a purchase made, may provide a small commission to this site. These links are posted for your convenience in finding resources that may be of interest to you in connection with the specific content of our posts. This site does not seek to track or collect data from our visitors. Some third party advertisers may use online behavioral tracking technology, to provide more personally relevant ads, over which we have no control or responsibility. You have the option to opt out of such ads if you desire. We hope you will find much benefit and convenience in the selected sources we highlight on our pages. Any purchases made for which we may receive any commission serves to help us with further rescue work and helps to keep our sites alive, through which we hope to educate and offer community and resources of help to visitors on behalf of deserving, needy animals everywhere. Our little furballs Thank You sincerely for your support and we hope you will find help - and hope - in the ongoing efforts provided here!


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